Sunday, December 9, 2012

8 Ways to Save at The Brown Barn Company

I am often surprised at how few people take advantage of the many ways there are to save at The Brown Barn Company. Read up here so you don't miss out!

1.  Like us on Facebook!  This is the easiest and most effective way to get an immediate notice on sales and free shipping.  We often offer “Facebook Code Word” sales that you can use at check-out or on-line to get discounts.  (And we have the funnest Facebook group EVER!)  Did you know you can get a Facebook code word right now for 25% off your in-store purchase or 10% off a web-site purchase thru the 14th?

2. Shop the Item of the Week.  Each week we offer one selected product or line for savings.  Watch for your favorite products and stock up when we offer these items on sale. 

3.   Coupons – Use your coupons in conjunction with Item of the Week for an even bigger savings or use anytime for savings on the items you want.

4.    Ask to be placed on our e-mail list.  Even if you already like us on Facebook it is worth your while to also be on our E-mail list so you can receive even more Brown Barn coupons and specials.  We are just beginning to get in the habit of sending weekly e-mail notices and specials out and hope to get better at this over the next couple months.

5.    Free Shipping – Here is a Brown Barn secret – we offer Free Shipping for all purchases for a few days approximately every 6 weeks!  We ALWAYS offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more.  Personally, I find this the best way to shop Brown Barn for those items your local store tends to run out of such as facial products and the most popular soap scents.

6.   Traveling to Steamboat Springs, CO from Wisconsin or from Colorado to Holcombe, Wisconsin?  Ask for the travel coupon at your local store or by e-mailing me at  You can get 30% off by visiting one of our stores!

7.    If you are not fussy about seasonal scents, shop the discount area of your local store.  We often offer sales on items that are running on short date or scents that don’t match the season (such as Lilac in December).

8.    Save Brown Barn Bucks – Brown Barn Bucks are handed out ($1 for every $10 spent) at key times in the year.  They work just like cash for up to 70% off purchases in the months of March and October.  This helps you as new items are often introduced then and helps us as those are slower times of the year for Brown Barn.

Happy Shopping! Don't forget to take time to relax and enjoy the season.

Chris Untiedt

Founder, The Brown Barn Company llc


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Good Night's Sleep with Lavender

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping.  It doesn’t seem to be linked to stress or problems; happy, sad, it doesn’t matter.  Sometimes I just can’t sleep.  

I have Fibromyalgia so sleep is very important to me.  A few bad nights can trigger painful episodes of tense muscles and even muscle tics.  When I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia my doctor gave me powerful sleep aides that left me groggy all day.  This was when I realized the power of Lavender as a sleep aide. Lavender has been used for centuries to speed relaxation and induce restful sleep.

If I were a more creative person I would write an ode to Lavender. I love Lavender for what it brings to us as humans, it is my best friend in the plant world.  Alas, I am not creative enough to write an ode so you are stuck with simply my version of what I consider to be the best, sure-fire (at least for me!) sleep inducing routine I can come up with.   

First, for this routine to work you must be sure to use Lavender Essential Oil, not Lavender Fragrance Oil. Check your product labels to make sure the ingredient listed is not fragrance oil. Only essential oil will give you the benefits of the actual plant DNA which will work with your body to create a therapeutic result.

I believe what makes this routine fail safe for me is that the lavender is layered throughout and that it is a ritual - first this, then that - so that I have trained myself to associate this routine with sleep.  

I need to add a disclaimer here as well.  I have been exposed to lavender most of my life and never have had an adverse reaction. Before trying any routine this intense you should test the waters by using a combination of a few of these products at a time before diving in all the way.

When I am desperate for a good night’s sleep I….

Draw a hot bath. Sometimes I opt for some Lavender scented soy candles or a beeswax candle to create a positive atmosphere. Put on quiet relaxing music or grab a relaxing novel.

Dry brush myself to stimulate my skin and remove dead skin cells (dry brushes are available in our stores or other quality bath shops). You can call us at 715-595-4570 to inquire about telephone ordering a dry brush from Brown Barn.

I drop a Lavender Essential Oil bath bomb into the bath water. Sometimes I even include some Lavender infused bath salts.

I climb into the tub, being careful not to slip.

After soaking for a few minutes I wash myself with any of the following: Lavender essential oil based bar soap, Lavender Essential Oil foaming bath butter, or Lavender Essential Oil liquid body wash (my personal favorite).

Then I use our famous Lavender essential oil sugar scrub or the Brown Burl White Pines Sugar Scrub. I am careful to scrub in circular motion from my outer extremities toward my heart to stimulate circulation. I scrub until all of the sugar has dissolved so as not to waste a drop.  Our sugar scrubs start out dry but boy when they hit water watch out, they are just packed with fabulous oil.

I soak some more, maybe adding a little more hot water to the tub. Read, relax, close my eyes. I might choose to use my Lavender eye pillow.

When I exit the tub I am VERY CAREFUL as there is a lot of oil in that tub after using all these great Brown Barn products. I pat dry (never rub – you don’t want to remove all that great oil you just invested in).  

I use either the Brown Barn Lavender Body Lotion or any of the Brown Burl White Pines line liberally even though I’m already covered in oil from the bath.  My purpose now is to layer on more Lavender essential oil.

I then get in my pj’s and relax a little longer by watching tv or reading until the oil has sunk fully into my skin. At this time I heat and use my Lavender infused neck pillow. If I really want to go all out with my theme I give myself a mini-facial using my Lavender & Lime clay facial mask.

When I’m ready for bed I spritz my pillow and bedroom with Lavender Peaceful Sleep Pillow Mist. I also add another layer of lotion or salve to my hands so I can breathe in the lavender scent while I sleep.

I then use either the Brown Barn Lavender Aromatherapy Roll-on or Lavender salve around my nostrils so I am inhaling luscious Lavender as I drift off to sleep.

I turn on my electric blanket so my bed is warm when I enter.

I drift off to peaceful sleep – medication free!

Wishing you a great night's rest...

Chris Untiedt, Owner, The Brown Barn Company llc