Thursday, March 12, 2015

Facial Serums and Tools

Serums and Tools, Tools and Serums - OH MY! Oh, so many to choose from. So much confusion! What is a person to do?

It is astonishing how many serums have hit the market in the last years. With claims from being a miracle serum to reversing aging who can resist the charm of serums? And with prices of up to hundreds of dollars per ounce serums have become the darling of the skincare world.


What is a facial serum? Why do we need it? Do we need it?!!

Serums are liquid based facial items designed with ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin and target specific skin issues your regular moisturizer does not. Serums can be built to target anything from acne to spots to scars to wrinkles. Of course we love serums at Brown Barn, with their ability to boost your skincare routine who could not fall for their charms?

Brown Barn has two serums available and will be developing more in the future. First, we have a soothing eye serum that is meant to soothe tired eyes while reducing dark circles and puffiness using an all natural formulation.

We also have an overall all natural facial serum that acts as a brightening, tightening and toning serum. Our customers often laughingly refer to this as our "facelift in a bottle" because it gives the feeling of lifting immediately due to the honey extract used in the formulation. Cranberry extract brightens and lifts while protecting your skin from free radical damage.

Do I choose a facial serum or a moisturizer? Or both?

Brown Barn facial and eye serums are designed to enhance the Brown Barn moisturizer and oils. Because moisturizers are made from larger molecules than serums, moisturizers target the top layer(s) of skin while serum sinks in deeply to penetrate the lower layers. So the answer is you need both for maximum effectiveness.

How is it used?

Brown Barn serums are sold in small glass bottles with droppers. Simply drop a tiny bit on fingertips and gently massage into skin using upwardly circular motions. Alternatively you can drop the oil straight onto your face and massage from there. Avoid getting product directly into eyes. We recommend using Brown Barn serums AM and PM following toner and before moisturizer. Follow with moisturizer.


One of my favorite products and often vastly overlooked by customers are facial tools. I wanted to take a few lines to point out Brown Barn's range of eye masks and facial exfoliators, brushes and pads. The right tool can greatly improve your skincare routine.

My favorite tool, as I've mentioned in a few past posts already, is our all natural wooden facial brush. I love to "dry brush" my face lightly first thing in the morning before washing. Do not wet the brush, just run the brush in upward strokes over face. This stimulates circulation to my face and helps with a gentle exfoliation to allow my skincare products to sink deeply into skin.

Another great tool carried by Brown Barn is our Boucle facial pad. I love this for washing my face. Again, it applies gentle exfoliation and scrubbing power to my facial wash.

Brown Barn also carries a range of eye masks that are perfect for soothing tired eyes.

The next time you visit Brown Barn's web-site be sure to peruse our tools section to learn more about the many fun tools available to make your skin and body care routine more fun and effective.

Chris Untiedt
The Brown Barn Company llc