Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Ideal Skincare Routine

In 2013 Brown Barn launched a line of Brown Barn Skincare Products. After almost two years of research and development, Brown Barn is proud to offer this fabulous and unique new line of all natural skincare products.


When we set out to design our own facial care line we knew we wanted to harness the power of all natural skincare. We were tired of seeing high priced products on the market making ridiculous claims which were really nothing more than fillers and chemicals whose immediate results were actually causing long term skin damage. Our customers deserve better than that! We also knew that some of the oldest treatments were still the best and did not want to lose the legendary aspect of our belief system about skincare while incorporating our modern knowledge and skills.

With 20 herbal infusions, 19 all natural oils and 9 essential oils, the Brown Barn skincare line is nothing less than a testament to the power of nature. 


While testing the products we found our skin went thru real transformation. 

I use the age defying "Regeneration" line (I am 52 years old). I have inherited my father's ruddy complexion and large pores on my nose and chin, something I've struggled with my entire life.  As I aged I began to also develop dark age spots in the exact same places as my Dad!  

At first my skin soaked the oils in as though drinking deeply. This was followed by a two week phase of light exfoliation similar to a micro-derm abrasion treatment and minor break-outs. I was immediately concerned by breaking-out at my age. However I know from my time spent with a homeopathic physician that the body often becomes "sicker" as it begins to heal using all natural devices, so I stuck it out without modifying our formulations to be "lighter". I am so glad I did!

This short phase of skin turbulence was followed by a fresher, smoother, softer complexion with tighter pores. Fine lines were softened, age and sun spots faded (and continue to fade) and blemishes completely disappeared. I have been on the complete, final program for over two months now and am still seeing positive changes in my skin. It took the entire six weeks before I began to see my age spots diminish but they are fading quickly now that they've begun to fade.  

Alyssa (my daughter, business partner and lead formulator) uses the acne/oily "Revelation" line (she is 25 years old). Alyssa has struggled with adult acne since turning 19. Nothing worked for her, she even tried working with a dermatologist, then a homeopathic physician, changed her diet, eliminating any allergy items -she tried everything. Now her skin is almost perfect, it's absolutely beautiful.  

The picture below was taken two weeks ago (Alyssa is the person without fur) - no make-up or touch-ups. Large break-outs have turned into tiny break-outs and are diminishing the longer she uses the line, her skin has a glow to it that I have not seen since she was a child and the angry red blotchy break-outs are gone. I looked for a "before" picture and realized I had none in which she allowed us to take her picture without make-up so you cannot really see how much acne she had. But even in the picture below you can see where the redness is still fading and some scarring is still lightening.

Facial Care Routine:

Because there are so many pieces to the line I wanted to guide you thru the routine we've developed. Whether you choose to use Brown Barn products or those of other companies, there is a certain order in which most lines proceed. Below I outline my personal skincare routine as an example of what works for me. 

Before we begin I should explain the new Brown Barn line is divided into three categories to make it easier for you to select items for your personal needs. You can choose to move between lines to customize the items for your particular skin type. 

Regeneration - Anti-Aging
Revelation - Acne/Oily 
Rejuvenation - All Skin Types

Our new line is so gentle we feel that most items will be easily used by sensitive skin types. But don't let its gentle nature fool you! Brown Barn's all natural facial line is also highly effective.

Although our line has several parts you will be surprised to find it only takes a few moments to use the items. This small time investment will reap huge rewards!  A good rule of thumb is to use any new facial item for six weeks before passing judgement as it takes a full six weeks for skin to demonstrate a facial cycle.

Morning and Night Each Day: I use our new Regeneration line for its anti-aging properties and I add in the Revelation Astringent just because I love that item so much. The serums come from our Rejuvenation line (good for all skin types). More information about the benefits of each item can be found in the item descriptions on our web-site at http://www.brownbarnlife.com under the "Brown Barn Beauty" tab.

Regardless of which line you use, you can follow these easy steps.

1. Wash - This should occur in the AM and PM. I conduct my PM facial routine about an hour before bedtime to allow all of the beautiful oils I've applied to my face time to sink in so they do not end up on my pillow.  Many of our customers like facial brushes. Any of Brown Barn's facial washes will work with a brush. I simply wet my face and use my fingertips to wash my face, paying careful attention to the area around my nose and chin because those are my problem areas. I rinse with a wet washcloth or facial pouf.

2. Astringent - Brown Barn's new all natural astringent is based on a centuries old formula that has been passed down through the generations. Making this astringent entails spending several weeks distilling herbs into a base which is mixed with Rose Water and Witch Hazel. I use the astringent by spraying it onto a cotton ball and applying to problem areas including sun/age spots and blemishes. This astringent is especially good for acne sufferers.

3. Toner - Toner balances the skin's pH after washing. You can either spritz toner directly on your face (close eyes first!) or onto a cotton ball to apply.

4. I wait a bit - get dressed or put my pj's on - to allow the toner to dry. You don't have to wait but I like the feel of the serum if I let the toner dry.

5. Eye Serum - You only need a tiny dab of this fantastic little serum. Only put it under eyes and at corners. Be careful not to get it into your eyes or they will really water - but interestingly I've not had burning when accidentally getting in the eye. The serum is designed to sink deeply into skin reducing puffiness and dark circles.

6. Facial Serum - I love this, it feels so good.  Again, just a small amount is needed. Apply over entire face. Designed to brighten, tighten and tone, you will feel as if you had a mini-face lift after applying.

7. Wait a minute - Again, you don't have to wait but I love how my face feels from the serum so I let it dry before going to the next step.

8. PM: Facial Oil Complex. If you have very dry skin or like the oily feel of the facial oil you would be fine using it AM and PM. This is an Olive Oil infusion I personally make by hand so I'm a little partial to it! It includes a fabulous infusion of herbs and several great essential oils specifically for fighting aging issues such as spots and fine lines. Apply a small amount all over face and neck.

9. Moisturizer - Again, apply all over face and neck. If you are not waiting between items you may find you have to pat a little to blend the moisturizer into skin. Don't let this throw you, the moisturizer quickly fades. Our new all natural moisturizers are extremely active, soaking deeply into skin quickly. It does not leave a greasy feel to skin (if you are experiencing any greasiness it would be from the Facial Oil in the PM).  

Some of our customers really prefer a heavy feel to their facial moisturizer. That's fine, you still have options! I am a big lover of the new all natural moisturizer so recommend you continue using the moisturizer and just add the cream of your choice afterwards however you may choose to simply sub one for the other. 

Weekly Maintenance: With this daily routine I also do a few things throughout the week.

1. Facial Scrub - This can be done as part of your at-home facial or do what I do - scrub your face when you use your body scrub in the tub. I keep my facial scrub jar right next to my favorite body scrub and do an all-over scrub once or twice a week for exfoliation.

2. Facial Steam Herbs - I do an at home facial once or twice a week depending on how much time I have and if I remember. The Facial Steam is the first step in this. I just heat up water with the tea kettle, pour it into my old glass bowl and add some herbs. Our directions recommend 5 minutes under the towel but I am claustrophobic so I rarely make it the whole five minutes. My husband loves this and will sit there for ten minutes or more!  The facial steam blend was made by myself and I carefully chose herbs for their unique properties such as detoxification or aromatherapy. The facial herbs should not only help your skin but also help your soul. (If you suffer from allergies or asthma please consult with a physician before using.) Brown Barn will be introducing Facial Steaming Herbs for sale this week in our stores and on-line.

3. Mask - I always follow my facial steam with a mask to finish the detoxification process.

Then I complete my at home facial with the items from my daily facial routine.


Please do not hesitate to email us at thebrownbarn@gmail.com.  We are happy to help you!

Have a wonderful Sunday - relax, regenerate and rejuvenate!

Chris Untiedt
The Brown Barn Company llc