Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Brown Barn Products that will Change Your Life (Or at least maybe you'll enjoy using)...

Lately we've seen so many Facebook posts with the title "...will change your life" that we couldn't resist using this title for this week's blog! Here are our top five picks for "must try" products:

1. Brown Barn Sugar Scrub - Exfoliate and Hydrate while Increasing Circulation! The formulation of Brown Barn's sugar scrub is unique. This is a sold "emulsified" scrub made with a fantastic solid oil combination - no messy watery oils floating on top, just solid oil and scent. Sugar serves to exfoliate, leaving the way for skin loving oils to sink in deeply. The solid oils in this scrub melt the second the scrub hits warm skin, leaving you drenched in oil.. Simply apply a small amount of scrub with fingertips, scrubbing in a circular motion from fingers and toes to promote circulation while bathing/showering, scrub until sugar has completely dissolved, rinse, pat dry and go! Available in 100% all natural essential oil blends, in "nearly natural" fragrance oil blends and in our blending bar areas.

2. Soap Pouches - Extend the Life of your Soap Bar and Exfoliate! Soap pouches are bags that hold bar soap. They come in boucle, ramie and nylon mesh (like a pouf). Place a bar of soap in the bag and use the entire bag to wash with. You will experience great exfoliation and your bar soap will foam up much better. These bags work great for extending the life of your bar soap and are awesome for using up those little bits and pieces of bar soap instead of throwing the soap pieces out. Just pop them in the bag, you'll have a beautiful one-of-a-kind scent and save money at the same time!

3. Solid Lotion Bars - Solid Lotion Bars are one of the best kept secrets at Brown Barn. Great for everything from cracked heels to taming eyebrows. These solid beeswax based bars provide a barrier against the elements that will protect and soften problem skin spots. They also work great for taming little fly away hairs and other issues. We love them for adding a sexy sheen to arms and legs! Just rub your fingers on the bar and use as you would any hair paste. Choose from a variety of scents and our uber-popular "Rejuvenate" bar made with Brown Barn's exclusive Trauma Oil blend for extra strength.

4. Facial Scrub - This is my personal favorite facial skincare item. I keep this little jar of facial sugar scrub handy and grab it up every day during bath time. This scrub if formulated based on our solid sugar scrub recipe but uses oils and essential oils specifically selected for their skin care properties. Simply wet face, scoop out a tiny bit of scrub and apply with fingertips in circular motions. Scrub until the sugar dissolves. Rinse and pat dry. Your face will glow, old skin removed and leaving fresh skin ready to accept all the other Brown Barn facial goodies you apply!

5. Perfect Pedi Products - No matter which product you choose from Brown Barn's foot care category, they will improve your life. Our feet are so often neglected and ignored but so important to our overall daily comfort they deserve this bit of extra attention. My favorite is the Energizing Foot Scrub followed by the Perfect Pedi foot lotion. This is an easy quick treat I can apply daily. My feet free cooled and refreshed and provides a mental lift. Another fav is the foot soak, this is an easy treat to perform while watching television at night!

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